In production of wires NPA Skawina uses own wire rod with optimal mechanical and electrical properties. The production process is based on modern wire drawing with the use of tools (dies) made of polycrystalline diamond. We guarantee perfect quality of the surface as well as maintenance of dimensional tolerances of the wires produced. The offer of NPA Skawina includes:


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  • Aluminium wires & Aluminium alloy wires
  • Lightning protection wire
  • Aluminium –based lightning protection wire PVC or HFFR coated

Aluminium wires & Aluminium alloy wires

The scope of production includes wires with diameters of ø 1.50 - ø 5.0mm for both mechanical and electrical applications.

Aluminium Wires may be supplied in hard condition (H14 and H18) as well as soft condition (annealed).

Due to the variety of applications, alloy wires can be produced in accordance with EN 50183 (alloy wire for electrical applications) or according to Customers' requirements.

Lightning protection wire

Lightning protection wire made from aluminium and aluminium alloy (AlMgSi) are an alternative to galvanized steel conductors. Application: lightning protection systems (air terminals, lightning conductors). The main asset of aluminium wires is their weight, which is three times lower than the weight of traditional conductors.

Aluminium – based lightning protection wire PVC or HFFR coated

NPA Skawina offers aluminium-based (AlMgSi) lightning protection wire , PVC or HFFR coated. Coated lightning wires become increasingly popular among companies specializing in lightning protection, and among customers demanding particular visual qualities from such installations.

The attractiveness of such solutions is due to a combination of the properties of aluminium wires (flexibility and ease of bending, which enable assembly without using a special tools and devices), and aesthetic aspects (surface protection against corrosion, and the ability to customize the colour of the coating, e.g. the colour of the façade of the building).

In addition, the lighter weight of aluminium wires in comparison to steel ones makes them easier to transport in large quantities and assembly. Coated lightning wires can be assembled using typical hardware used for ordinary lighting wires.

NPA Skawina offers AlMgSi lightning protection wires in two versions: PVC and halogen-free, and in RAL colours (basic colours:  RAL 9010 – white, and RAL 9005 – black).

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