Wire Rod

The company Nowoczesne Produkty Aluminiowe Skawina is the only Polish manufacturer of wire rod, which is the starting material for drawing wires used in the manufacture of electrical overhead wires and cables made of aluminium and aluminium alloys. The product range includes also wire rod used in metallurgy as a deoxidizer.


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The products are manufactured on the basis of various standards such as European EN, German DIN, American ASTM, Russian GOST or specifications supplied by the customer.

A wide range of diameters allows to meet customers' expectations and manufacture specialist, custom made products.

Aluminium Wire Rod EC Grade

Aluminium wire rod EC grade is used for the production of power cables. Products are manufactured based on different standards, among others European EN, German DIN, American ASTM, Russian GOST or the specifications provided by the Customer.

Wide range of diameters allows us to meet the expectations of Customers and the manufacture of specialist products customer-tailored for individual orders.

The diameter of wire rod: [mm] 7,6; 9,5; 12; 15; 19

Aluminium Alloy Wire Rod

Aluminium alloy wire rod is used in the production of cables for electricity (power cables), and for mechanical applications.
Production of a wide range of alloys is based on experience earned during several years of production of wire rods and close cooperation with customers and research bodies. Our range of products includes wire rods of the series:

  • Series 1xxx,
  • Series 3xxx,
  • Series 4xxx,
  • Series 5xxx,
  • Series 6xxx,
  • Series 8xxx,
  • AlZr,
  • Al59


Wire Rod

We distinguish wire rods into two following groups:

a) Wire rod for general application - Wire rod made of aluminium for general applications is used for manufacturing the products such as nails, rivets, etc.

b) Wire rod for steel deoxidation - Wire rod made of aluminium for steel deoxidation is used during the production of steel.

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